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Launcher disappearing (SOLVED)


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This is the problem I had with the launcher disappearing every time I wrote my account information (or a random one) and clicked "Log in"



Step 1) Open up cmd.exe (by right-clicking and choosing "Run as Administrator"

Step 2) Write this in the command prmpt again - netsh winsock reset , and hit Enter (It should say that it is complete and that you would need a restart, I did not restart and it still worked)

Step 3) You're done, now try and logging in.

Thanks goes to MrX for stating that a previous step isn't needed, henceforth it has been removed.

For me it worked like a charm.

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10 hours ago, DarkHikari said:

"-netsh is not recognized as an internal command" 

What I do? 


I did "work", but ...

"The file name syntax, directory or volume label name is incorrect." 

Help, please ;-;

Are you completely sure that you have typed in correctly the needed stuff?

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1 hour ago, MrX said:

The first command isn't needed, all it is a call to show the contents of a specific txt file that one may or may not have. 


Specifically, it's a call to show the contents of a old XP network file as shown here - http://windowsxp.mvps.org/lsp.txt


All you need is the second command.

Tnx Bro!!!

Just worked for me!


If i type only the first sentence i got the "the file name syntax problem...."

But tiyping only the second sentence it ask for me to restart the computer and worked!


Now downloading the game!

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