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Disconnect from server (1000)(132,10060)? Help?


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Hi everyone! I know alot of us have been experiencing this issue, so I just wanted to describe what's happening on my end. 


I can log in just fine with priority queue but as SOON as i get into game (I can move my character and all), i click attack (LMB) and then it takes 5 minutes to register, or not at all. Then, after more stuttering, it just gives me a variety of disconnected from server messages. 


Is anyone in the same boat and possibly know a solution? Thanks!

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I was able to fix the (1000) DC error by turning off firewall and anti virus. A fresh reboot of your computer after will help as well . I used Mcafee anti virus for this but supposedly . It'll cause game gaurd and that to crash with eachother and make you crash automatically. 

Refer to these two big fix threads and see if it helps 





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Hi guys,


Today I started to get the same issue.

BnS Error (1000)(132, 10060), sometimes (rarely) Error (3000)(132, 10060).

Before played almost a month with no errors. 

Did not installed anything or changed configurations on my PC.


Can someone help with the solution?


Thank you,


Seems that issue has resolved itself, I did nothing from my side.

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