PLEASE READ - Character Creation Blocks

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Hi all,


Edit on January 19th @ 12:30pm PST


Character creation is currently restricted on the following servers:


  • Mushin
  • Old Man Cho
  • Ikansun
  • Windrest (EU)
  • Frostgipfel (DE)
  • Dokumo (FR)


You can create characters on these servers:


  • Master Hong
  • Poharan
  • Yehara
  • Jiwan
  • Juwol
  • Soha
  • Hajoon
  • Ebon Hall (EU)
  • Hao District (EU)
  • Wild Springs (EU)
  • Starfall Crater (EU)
  • Cardinal Gates (EU)
  • Bambusdorf (DE)
  • Windweide (DE)
  • Ogong (FR)
  • Hogdonny (FR)


Thank you for patience,


-Blade & Soul Team

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