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Windows 10 "Crash" affecting only Win 10 Users?


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So at times and in very random intervals. The game will crash, but not crash to desktop. My left mouse click will still work for attacking along with my WASD keys, along with keys 1, 3 and 4...at times.  When I try to bring up the menu using the ESC key, it instead brings up the Windows 10 Life at a glance quick look menu. At this point, you don't really have any other option but to Alt+Tab-Del to end the task and then restart your comp if you want to run the client again.(Launcher will no longer work ect)

Has anyone else had this happen to them on other OS or am I just unlucky? xD

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On 2016/1/23 at 10:00 AM, MistahJayden said:

wow really? I have a razer firefly and razer chroma mouse. What do I do to stop the crashing?

Oh, haven't been in forum for days, dunno if you problem has been solved.

I have a chroma keyboard and a mamba mouse,  and the issue bothered me for days by crashing randomly.

The programmer su_cks.

To get rid of it,

first open your task manager,

find "Services".

Then find Razer Chroma SDK Services blahblah.

Open the game. After logging in, disable the Razer chroma sdk service, then you are good.

Make sure you enable it EVERYTIME you open the game, or it will just crash immediately.


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