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Possible 32-bit memory crashes from nProtect GameMon on 64-bit system


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Short (TLDR) version:

Reducing the amount of memory used by other applications appears to have a fixed a startup crash linked to a GameGuard error.



Description of the issue:

Given this the first time I have encountered this problem, I obviously cannot be entirely certain of the causes, but it appears that nProtect GameMon was causing the game to crash when it was being started.  This appears to have been a result of the memory in use (as defined by Windows Resource Manager) being in excess of 4.54 Gb of RAM (i.e. memory in use was more than the 32-bit address space) at the time the game was launched.  Closing applications to reduce the memory in use below this limit (down to approx 2.5 Gb), allowed the game to start without crashing and reopening the applications afterwards appears not to have caused any issues either.



More details:

I'm running a desktop computer with 64-bit hardware, Windows 7 64-bit and 8Gb of RAM.  The computer in question had been resumed from a suspension to the hard drive earlier in the day, but was left idle for some time.  All applications running on the computer at the time of launch have also been running during previous launches of the game when there wasn't a problem.


The crash itself occurred after logging into the launcher and after the process of patching / verifying / repairing (at least after the first attempt to launch), but before the normal loading of the game guard or the loading splash screen.  I believe the error code given by the game itself was 4047, but forgot to take screen shot or notes.  After closing this error, Internet Explorer (which is not my default browser) would open linked to the following page - http://www.gameguard.co.kr/gameguard/faq/eng/FAQ_115.htm - hence my assumption that the actual cause of the game crash was actually GameGuard / nProtect GameMon.


I tried multiple times to launch the game and each time it crashed.  This generated at least 1 error report that was sent and possibly a couple more but I'm not 100% they actually got sent through.  During this time I was trying to look for any existing versions that were running, as well as trying to watch the various executables being launched (with limited success there).  However as part of this, I noted that (at least on my system) the launcher, GameGuard, game client, etc. all seem to be specifically launching 32-bit versions.  Hence the explicit references to 32-bit and 64-bit, and the idea to close applications for .


The apps that were closed to free up memory were Discord (https://discordapp.com/) and Firefox.  Discord was closed because it was a relatively recent install (but still prior to Blade & Soul) and appeared to have multiple threads active at once (and I wasn't certain if that was normal, which it does appear to be).  Firefox was closed because it was really the only app on the system (other the B&S client) with an expecially large memory footprint (and it resumes from where I left off...)  Once Firefox had fully closed, releasing memory as a result, I launched the client again and it loaded without problems.  So theoretically it might have been an incompatibility with one of the two apps... but that seems less likely given they have both been running happily with the game before now and launching them didn't cause any issues.

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