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Mouse input vs Keyboard


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Taken from BNSDOJO post originally by " Shiro-chan "


Currently there seems to be a "cooldown" on mouse inputs in the game, unlike keyboard. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take off your weapon and spam left click real fast, look at the UI of your left click skill. It won't register all your presses, more like once every 200ms

Now, do the same by pressing a key on keyboard (bind the left click skill to a keyboard key). Spam it, notice how it triggers for every single key press.

I have to ask why is it made like this and can it be at least made an option to make mouse clicks as responsive as keyboard? This thing impacts ani cancelling for many classes a lot, and I am talking from experience with low ping. I can't even do the LB 2 LB F combo on kfm because of it, if I go too fast some LBs will not work, if I use left click... Then I did it with keyboard and it worked flawlessly. I imagine for classes like destro with LB + RB it's even worse.


LATER EDIT: This is weird, if you move the mouse while you spam click it works normally, only if your mouse is still and you click often does it get the "cooldown" and some hits not registering.


Video to show said post

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