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Fabric and high quality fabric??


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We really need a way to get Fabric.  We should be able to salvage extra outfits we get from various methods around the world.  The Elite Initiate Uniforms from clan crafting need 500 (!!!) Fabric for 5 outfits.  When I salvaged outfits in beta, I got 1 or 2 Fabric.  Let's be generous and say you get 2 per outfit always.  At $15 per outfit, that's $3750!  For 5 outfits!  That just doesn't make sense.


It also takes up to 10 Fabric for Transmutation.  So upwards of $150 for a 25% chance at the outfit you want.


Please make adjustments to this feature.



Make some/most outfits obtained through various means salvagable

  • World Boss Roulettes
  • Dungeon Drops
  • Faction tokens
  • etc.

Drastically reduce the amount of Fabric needed for Crafting and Transmutation

  • 5 to 10 Fabric to make 5 Elite Initiate Uniforms
  • 1 or 2 Fabric for Transmutation
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This can't be working as intended.  As someone else mentioned in another thread, in other regions your membership gets you some free hongmoon coins each month, which lets you get a "free" outfit every once in a while. That would probably be the only easy source of fabric, but the costs are still just way too high.

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