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can't change resolution (can't log in at all)

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i must've messed up a setting because it made the game window very small (filled like 25% of my monitor) and this actually hid the confirm button, which meant i couldn't change resolution and then click confirm. (trying to move my mouse below the window would cause it to 'enter my desktop' rather than staying within the game)


i exited, went to settings, checked 'open in fullscreen' option, the game still opens small, and now i can't even accept the ToS (because i can't mouse over 'confim') so i'm locked out.


anyone know what i can do? :(

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there are 3 options:

reinstall the game 


change the settings in the file or delete it :) :

C:\Users\User Name\Documents\BnS\NCSOFT

Open "ClientConfiguration.xml"


(This will change the ui back to normal)

<option name='ui-scale' value='95'/>
<option name='ignore-ui-scale' value='0'/>


(This will change it to full-window mode)

    <option name='windowed' value='0'/>
    <option name='full-windowed' value='1'/>
    <option name='full-screen' value='0'/>


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