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Input failure... After Restart... Read inside.


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Alright, so here's my issue.

I download BnS to play in headstart as I am a founder, and the game works great. Things are progressing etc. It's late, and I want to get off and go to bed or whatever else I was doing. So I go to log off. No problem.


Fast forward a couple of hours or the such. I try to log in... Log in okay. Character PIN... Okay. Cool!

Click enter with my character... Okay!

But... what's this? I can't click or interact with anything in the world? LMB is doing nothing, except highlighting. I cannot communicate with any NPCs... NOTHING!!?!? I thought hmm, maybe it's just input lag and I'm waiting for it to catch up? Nope. I can talk to my faction just fine under /f. 

Oh look, someone whispered me, maybe I can reply to them... Nope! /w isn't working either... What the heck? So I can talk to faction or region, but for some weird reason, my character refuses to work. I can run around and wind walk, but when I stop  somewhere, and close and reopen client. I'm back where I started.

So then, here I am trying to troubleshoot. I repair all files.... and BAM works!

Everything was working. Cool! So then I go and play a couple of hours.,. Time to sign off and do real life stuff... 

Log in... and BAM. Dead, can't do anything again, LMB, /w, nothing 0 interaction.

Restart my computer, reverify files... Works again? This time only temporarily until server disconnects and I'm back to square one.

I have no idea how to fix this, but if this is honestly how this game is going to be run I dunno, I want my money back. Having to reverify files EVERYTIME is not only a waste of time, but it's tireless and needless. Also, if I was on a capped internet bandwidth, the reverifying and downloading of files would put more financial strain on me.

Any other forum seeks experience this BS? and if so WTF? Did you fix? If so how!! Please share, it's such a fun game.

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