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Charcter movement locked

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Hey all ive encountered of what i think is a bug or some control that i am unaware of. Basically my character gets locked movement in 1 direction, like if u look one way and move around without moving the camera ; the character is stuck looking 1 way yet the camera is fine.


^sorry if was unclear


Help appreciated ]


Edit: also the camera mob targeting is off so when i look at a mob it does not target it: targeting seems to be in front of the character 

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It's prob experienced here more, because you're using WASD and multiple keys more frequently and combining them.

That can cause the driver to get out of whack.


To add to the poster above, SS spam will fix that usually.

You can also try pressing WASD in random directions while trying to control the camera with your mouse. The solution is to do counter the key input error, so the driver is forced to refresh.

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