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Skyrocketing latency, unable to play for more than 5-10 minutes at a time before i disconnect from high latency. Fine in other games..


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Hey, I started playing yesterday and noticed I have huge latency lags. Like it works fine for 15 minutes, then I can enter a dungeon or something of some sort and I start lagging from nowhere, like I mean its like I have 50000 ping. I cant move, do abilites, no nothing. Just lags for minutes before it goes away. Sometimes it's for so long that I get a disconnect and have to stand in que again. I have restarted my router, reinstalled the game allowed it in my firewall and rebooted my computer many times. This has never ever happend in any other game I've played, and I've played and tried D3/CS in the last few days as well for hours and no problems there.

Please, someone, why is this happening? I want to play but when this happens and ruins it every 15 minutes I just get frustrated and dont feel like playing at all. 

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