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Help chat in-game?


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howcome /? isn't working. I tried to ask a few questions in my faction chat and was verbally attacked for next 5 minutes for doing so. I simply was asking people why dropped weapons i get or weapons i get from verd chests seems to be worst then my level 3 req weapon i had from beginning of game and why they aren't evolvable, if maybe i was missing something and they could be evolved or something some how. I didn't know your supposed to keep using started weapon the entire game. people verbally attacked me, saing i'm stupid, that i need to learn to f'ing read, and so on, i kept trying to defend myself like saying i didn't see in tutorials etc. but they still kept attacking me. I figured this game would drop better weapons that i the have to upgrade to be better then my original weapon like most mmo's.


Then i asked after people verbally attacked me for 5 minutes about it if same thing worked with shards. because so far up to level 18 stalker shards seem to me way better then all shards i keep finding as drops. so i asked do i just use dropped shards to upgrade others, are they always not worth using. the same guy who attacked me for asking prevoius question said that i need to learn to f'ing read that shards that i'm getting is better if i look at stats. now i was baffled as reading stats shards i been geting are worst, he argued with me for next 5 minutes in faction chat while everyone joined in on telling me how dumb i was. so i finally linked in chat all various shards i been finding, they all told me of course those shards i been getting are worst becuase of colors of shards.... So they admit to my first question that the shards i been getting as drops are worst but attacked me for asking!


In past when MMO's were still fairly new there used to be help chats where only people who wanted to help could join. Only newbies have acess to help chats then once reach a certain level on their account they no longer can access help chat unless they apply to be a helper and show that they are mature and respectful, if they verbally attack newbies asking "dumb" questions they get their privileges removed.


We need a system like this in modern MMO's. it's just not acceptable for newbies to be verbally attacked anytime a question is asked in chat. How else are we supposed to learn about something the tutorial doesn't do a good job covering?


I'm in fear that i wastged my money on this game, as it's going to be 1000% worst at lunch without a solution. Newbies won't ever get far in this game with a hostile community and no way to ask for help. 


I don't understand why my questions was so horrible that i deserved to be attacked verbally and abusively like this. I'm sure unless these forums are moderated i'm about to be attacked like crazy in this forum as well, but i'm hoping some mature people that still have respect for other human beings will understand. It also surprises me in this day an age you can't report players for harassment or verbal abuse, why is this not an option in reporting features? Yes i know i can block them but that's a lazy fix and block lists are only so long typically. 

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BnS has a lot of weird systems when compared to other MMOs, like the gear system. It's understandable for a new player to be confused, I was when I first started back on the Chinese version.


I can't really say much for the players that responded so poorly to your questions in-game, but I can say they're most likely veterans like me who forgot how jarring it is at the start that you get all these junk drops that have no use but to feed your gear's evolution or be broken down in the hopes of getting dust.


Just  to touch on the questions you were asking in-game, the green drops you get all the time are in fact useless. You're intended to evolve your weapon and accessories instead of replacing them, but the Soul Shields are replaced. After the Jiangshi set you get at the first fortune wheel (I forget the English name), your next will probably get from a vendor using the black and green stones at level 20 (I think they're called evolution stones? But I don't know the English name).


Sorry you were treated poorly in-game for asking these simple questions. The game doesn't explain these systems very well and PvP games attract jerks. I know because I'm not always the nicest person in-game myself. Faction chat is rarely ever nice, it's best to find a nice Clan willing to help new players. Lots of players in-game now aren't new to it, but there are going to be a ton of newbies at launch who will be having the same problems as you that will need help. All you can really do is treat others how you want to be treated and make sure you make friends with other kind players to avoid the garbage.

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