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My appreciation, some criticism and a few questions

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Good day to you,


after encountering massive Windows 10 update bugs (couldn't click windows icon, no scrolling on the mouse, pc didn't recognize my C-drive as the default drive (no data available), yada yada) and finally having fixed it I believe, I just wanted to come here and appreciate the game.

I bought into the hype from a few MMORPGs before, such as GW2 and was massively disappointed because it's a complete casual game with no real team-mechanics etc.


That's why I am cautious now when it comes to MMOs. I have watched BnS for a few months now more closely and it did look promising thanks to the combat system. I was still unsure though if there were enough combat customization options (as in, how different can one Destroyer be next to another Destroyer), social content, PvE content. I heard that BnS endgame basically consisted only of PvP arena. This is/was one thing I am/was concerned about. Don't get me wrong, great combat mechanics and a focus on competitive PvP is great in a MMORPG. But if that's more or less all it offers, I can't help but think that the game would be fated to fail and live a small niche-life.


Now that I've played the game for maybe 20-25 hours, I can just say that I love it. The graphics are a little outdated, they look "very korean MMORPG" aside from a few details, but the art style is nice. The combat felt a little forced at first because of a lack of skills, but now that I am level 21 and the combat opens up more and more, I just love it!

I'm playing as a Destroyer while a friend of mine is a Blade Master. He has a skill that uses 4 consecutive hits with a second of delay between each. However, once the enemy is grabbed or grappled, the delay vanishes and it deals way more damage. It's just awesome! Finally a "new" MMORPG that has extraordinary teamwork mechanics. The grindy aspect is great as well. It's been far too long since I've played a MMORPG in which you had good reasons to grind certain dungeons. And because of the great combat system, the grinding doesn't get that boring either. I am a noob and may have a wrong image of the grind, but currently it looks like I could go to the level 20 dungeon a lot of times to get the full Blight Soul Shield in purple - I have to hope missing parts drop and I have to hope that I get that exact part. If that pattern continues into endgame I'm happy with that. I'm not a fan of simply getting anything I want with very little investment. 

Also, the story is just great. I just finished Arc I and I have to say that I am impressed. I thought we'd get the typical MMORPG story; boring characters, skipping dialogue everywhere etc. But it hooked me! Recurring characters all the time with distinct roles and characters, foreshadowing etc. If the story maintains that kind of style, I am very happy with that as well.


I still think that social features are lacking, such as housing, guild related stuff (like a social HUB), places to relax and chat, incentives to play with random players and getting to know them and not just doing your quests while ignoring everything else.

I don't know much about crafting yet. I was positively surprised that there were so many professions in the game, but I'm not sure if they are important at all or rather gimmicky and if they are still of use in endgame.

The cash shop is very disappointing, because costumes are way too expensive (15€ for one costume? What the heck?) and premium membership basically requires you to still buy things in the shop to advance in your cash rank. I don't have a problem with the system itself, but just that it is way too expensive. I'd suggest something like 1/3rd of the price of the membership as "free" NCoins every month. 


All in all, while there are things that I think hold BnS back by a lot, the combat system is just so fresh, the skill customization really impacts things (I am disappointed again and again by different games' upgrade mechanics. "Increase a stat by 3.33%".. whoa, great..), as in, increases range by 100%, increases duration by 50%, it changes how skills work, it changes skills alltogether. Even integrated teamwork mechanics that you can not use solo.


So, can anyone answer a few noobish questions of mine?


Is there really no real PvE endcontent? I know there are quite a lot of dungeons, but I don't know if high level dungeons are considered endgame content because of possibly easy difficulty, bad drops etc.


Will future updates contain new skills or at least new skill paths for existing skills that don't have skill paths yet? I love the skill paths, but I wish there were even more for different skills. Even things like gliding and sprinting could have skill paths. While those outside-combat skills probably won't get skill paths, there are still quite a lot of combat-skills that don't have paths yet.


Is crafting more of a gimmick or does it have actual value throughout the whole game? (for example, me wishing to have Item X, not being of the necessary profession, searching for a crafter in the chat, friendlist or guild, asking them to craft it, providing materials etc.)


Does the fusion and merge mechanics of the Hongmoon-Equipment appear again later? I think the mechanics are great, but I'm still left feeling a little sad because I'm just upgrading one weapon the whole time. Why would I ever look at equipment I've dropped if I'm just using it to feed my equipment? Why would I use a dropped axe if it's just worse than the upgraded starter-one?


Are there mechanics associated with guilds? (Such as guild wars, benefits you can achieve, guild emblem on equipment, guild vault, things like that)


Thanks for reading. With all the negativity here on the board I just wanted to express my appreciation of the game, because it really is something new and great for me.



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