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Master Pack items missing?


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Hi -


I purchased the master pack today, and I have access to the head start, but my subscription does not show any premium time, and I haven't been granted any of the master pack items.  Intended or bugged?  Main reason I ask is because I had similar problems with account grants with WildStar (same NCSoft account).

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Hello, Draslin, 


Sounds like you haven't applied your code? 


  1. Log in to your account at Bladeandsoul.com 
  2. Go to Apply Code 
  3. Under BNS should be one or more codes 
  4. Apply them 
  5. go in-game and voila! They should be there now!

If not, please contact support. 


Please also note that the first character logged in (not created) will be the one receiving the items. 

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