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Game not starting? --> TEMPORARY FIX HERE


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Guys this is a simple fix made by someone that has had the same issue.

It will take about 5 minutes, but by doing this you can fix the issue for you will bypass the launcher.




Follow the instructions here and you will be playing in a whim!


Love <3



EDIT:: You will have to fill in your email and password in game because the launcher is bypassed.

Normally you would fill in your credentials there.

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37 minutes ago, Zaskion said:

hey i tried it but i getting error i need to update client can someone send me a newest client?


Hey Zask it got fixed by DCSoft right when I uploaded this.

You should be able to download the client now.

Make sure to delete the client.exe that has been given to you by following that client fix.

And then just update.




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