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B&S not working


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Just now, FireSilver said:

I am login -> Update -> waiting verifi then waitting forever. It's not working.

 - There is an issue (a bug), with the client sadly, we have to wait for BnS to release a bug patch. it's affecting anyone who downloaded the new update patch. 

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1 minute ago, FireSilver said:

Oh god, how can fix?

You can't, well not offically ( the way I'd recommend) some people have said they've fixed it but you have to go to a dropbox site and that's just asking for a bad virus. So if i were you, I'd wait it out till they release a patch. I know you're upset (like me) because you most likely spent a decent amount of money on a pack and you can't play.. They HAVE to compensate the players involved if they want to keep them here, so just wait. go watch a movie, it's saturday, enjoy it! i'm sure it'll be fixed by tomorrow!! 

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