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Patch just now (10pm EST 1/16/16) prevents logging into game


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ahhhh, the topical MMO launch with all the bugs/lag and bullsh*t no MMO company will ever pull off a flawless MMO launch just will never happen. And I'm always hit with the most *cricket**d up worse problem. On a good note my friend on Poharan is saying hes getting lag spikes like crazy. 

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all i want to know now .. is it for all of us ? or some and some not ..

if it all of us it make me feel not so bad . . . hope they fix it fast


but is you say to me that it's only us ? and there's ppl playing now !!! now am mad so much 


It was a patch issue that affected certain 8.1 users and all 10 users on windows. This is what was tweeted directly from BnS about the issue. They are working on a rollback right now that should be up in a few hours. In the mean time there is a community fix here - https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41c4he/how_to_fix_nonlaunching_client_1252015/

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3 minutes ago, bobbyguns said:

Not sure man hoping soon, they need to clean this mess up pretty fast !!, be carfule tho the crouch riding protectors are out and might get you if you voice your dislike lol

lol they can internetrambo me all they want. The fact that they're attacking people who are unhappy with someone is laughable. They're opinions means nothing to me. I just want a answer about the game situation and a update from those responsible, backlash or crybully comments aren't gonna bother me. I'm a adult not a child :P 

But I thank you for the warning none the less :)


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guys do you know !

what my bast friend Bought 1yer 2 time ? so he can lvl to rank8 fast !


he is out of the game now & yes he is good in the game going 45s fast and stuff 


i know he will be dead when he know what is going on now . 

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Just now, bobbyguns said:

I feel your pain brother !!! let out some anger it will make you feel better lol


There is a fix that works 100% right here. If you are not playing right now, that is on you. The fix has been linked 10+ times now by multiple people along with clear instructions on how to apply. But ill do it AGAIN for you. - https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41c4he/how_to_fix_nonlaunching_client_1252015/ -


Download the client.exe - replace the client.exe in the BnS/bin folder with the downloaded client.exe from the link (the rolled back prepatch client)

Create or download the .bat which stops the launcher from force patching the game

Put the .bat into the BnS/bin folder with the client.exe

Launch the game from the .bat , not from the regular launcher

Enjoy playing the game until BnS puts out the update

remove the .bat at which point and the update will overwrite the new client.exe you placed in the BnS/bin folder

Voila' Rocket science

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3 hours ago, Archaegeo said:

Game just did a 46M patch as I came back from a break, now get username and pw, then can click play, but then nothing happens, no errors, nada.

Blade and Soul by bloodlust 32 bit does show running as a background process


Same exact thing here. Game is broken.

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