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Assassin: Spinal tap not proccing? Help..!


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Ok I am at the part where I go into the cave in Gloomdross Forest for the skills quest "The Way of the Assassin: Part 6, and my little teacher is telling me to get a safe distance then use Turning Leaf (Tab key), then hit Shadow Dash (key 1) then hit Spinal Tap (R key).  Each time I follow the method it seems that Spinal Tap never proc's.  I hit the R key and all it does is flip through the Mist Slash, Dew Slash,  Moon Slash but no Spinal Tap.  What am I doing wrong?  Please help!

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This is a REALLY confusing Part but there is no bug.... here is how its done to the best of my recollection :


1) Make sure you are out of range when you press Z (Landmine) the first time .... it will place the mine

2) Press Tab which will change your position with your target placing the target in the landmine range

3) Press Z to explode mine

4) Press 1 to Shadow Dash in (if you are out of range for dash the cycle will break and you will need to start again)

5) F key stomp

6)  then finish with Left mouse Spinal tap


Took me a few attempts but my error was not listening and starting in to close.  You do have a tiny bit of time to complete the cycle not a lot but enough to actually look at the keyboard if you need to.



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