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Meliran's Complete Blade and Soul Levelling Guide


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You may know me from other games and other guides I wrote: Aion, Tera, Archeage, and Echo of Soul. I wrote one for Blade and Soul as well, and it is available here.


Few notes:

This is a free guide and is not for sale, rent, or other forms of for-profit distribution without previous written consent from NCSoft and myself. All screenshots are property of NCSoft, and all words are property of Meliran.

This guide explains what is, in my opinion, the most efficient way to level from

This guide was written during March/April 2016. The further it is from that date, the more likely this guide will be inaccurate.

This guide could also be called a quest walkthrough, as it explains every useful quest.

All links are hosted on mega.co.nz in pdf format. Mirrors are welcome and appreciated.


Complete Guide

Meliran's Complete Blade and Soul Levelling Guide


Partial Guides

Levels 1-19 - Viridian Coast

Levels 20-38 - The Cinderlands

Levels 38-45 - Moonwater Plains

Levels 45-50 - Silverfrost Mountains


This and all other guides can also be found at my blog.

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44 minutes ago, Bonse said:

Any reviews, how long to level etc?

I believe the fastest anyone has level 1-45 is around 13 hours. Though if you're a normal person, playing at a normal pace, more like 3-5 days.

Also awesome guide. Going to try and give the whole thing a decent read tonight.

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Hey guys. After reviewing my guide and levelling I don't know how many alts and testing out different method, I've come to realize that a lot of my guide is not efficient. It doesn't use gathering XP or faction dailies, which is a huge boost, it wastes time in the second half of Viridian Coast that's better spent elsewhere, and the Scorching Sands zone in general has a lot of quests that should not be done.


I'm working on updating the zones as we speak. I've finished Viridian Coast and the Cinderlands.

Viridian Coast

The Cinderlands


Moonwater plains, while it will be rewritten, will mostly be the same as questing is the best method of levelling in there unless you are able to get into a channel of skeletons all by yourself. Even if you can, while skeletons may be the fastest way to hit 45, they're not efficient as you could use the gold you made levelling to end the game at Awakened Profane instead of Awakened Infernal.


General Outline of the guide:

1-15 - All quests. Don't grind dreamdrift unless you're a super talented player with lots of money to spend on soup who hates questing - it saves you 10 minutes at best and is not an easy instance.

16-20 - Jadestone gathering. Rush story quests, get your blight weapon, and get out of Viridian Coast.

20-25 - Tormun Range quests. Don't grind wraithbloom meadows unless you love grinding and have lots of money to spend on soup. It's not much faster, gives less gold, and the mobs are pretty difficult in there - especially the spawns.

25-31 - Grind Jackals/Vultures.

31-37 - Scorching Sands Story quests (and a few relevant sides). Most Spirestone Canyons quests. Most Razorwing Ravize quests. Get your infernal weapon. Screw Boneyards. It's actually longer than just questing.

37-41 - Lycandi Foothills/Hogshead Pastures quests. These quests are quick and easy, compared to dealing with the crazy HP of bears in Predator's Den and the long walks in Wayfarer's Warf.

41-44 - Sapphire Basin/Necropolis quests. Don't go to skeletons unless this game is dead. If even 1 person is on your channel, it becomes waiting for respawns, uses tons of soups, and is actually slower. Levelling my warlock, by the time I hit 45 I saw someone there complaining how he had been there for 4 hours and was 43.

44-45 - 24-man Poharan/24-man Nightshade non-boss quests. Bosses help, certainly, but this is under the prediction that 24-mans will be dead once Silverfrost arrives.


This guide will probably cut short before silverfrost arrives since I should probably be ahead of schedule, hitting 45 before even visiting Misty Woods. In order to avoid no-XP quests, I'll stop when I predict an activity will hit me at 45 until Silverfrost arrives, and publish the incomplete guide at that time.

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All right, so I've managed to get my levelling guide updated to be a little smarter about time spent, as well as managing monetary issues at launch. Some major changes:

1. Second half of Viridian Coast is about gathering and rushing story quests instead of doing side quests.

2. Scorching Sands for the most part is skipped, doing Jackals and Vultures instead.

3. Many painful quests are now skipped.

4. E. Fleet and Nightshade are added in as a way to hit level 45.

5. Misty Woods has changed from a full quest zone to a story quest only zone.


These changes have reduced the size of the guide by 243 pages (31%). This is a good thing because it means it is more efficient.


I'll be adding in Silverfrost Mountains soon (tm). It is a much shorter zone, so it shouldn't take as long.

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The guide has been updated to include the Silverfrost Mountains. This guide is now in its completed form. There will be no further updates as I will be leaving the game due to several prevalent issues, and leaving MMOs in general due to starting my life.



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