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Crashing problem apparently resolved.


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I seem to have solved my crashing problems.
In my case, I stopped all the processes from Razor.
(look carefully, there are several)
I opened B&S. After the game open, I opened Synapse only.
(I went back to close all the processes, minus Synapse)
Now I play smoothly.


This is a solution for people who use Razor products who might be having these problems, so you can use Synapse and still play.

The problem isn't Synapse, it's the other processes from Razor.

However I don't know if it makes a difference to open Synapse before or after opening the game.

Also, I have seen people saying they closed synapse but still got errors - that's probably because not all processes shut down. Make sure to shut down all these processes.



(Be careful of the process in this first image, it can go unnoticed easily.)






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