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Having issues upgrading to master pack


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Just going to copy paste something I wrote on another thread.


Support just sent this:


Lance Today at 01:05


Unfortunately, the Founder’s Pack upgrade option has been removed from the site as the game has officially launched.  I apologize that it took some time to address your ticket but as the upgrade option is no longer available, I’d like to offer you a compensation of 2800 NCoin. I know this offer may not provide all the specific items you may have wanted in the upgrade, but please let us know if you’d like for us to manually add the NCoin to your account.


NCSOFT Support Team

So disappointing. It also appears that the above moderator post is inaccurate. I was led to believe that if I submit a ticket prior to official launch, support would help resolve my issue and allow me to upgrade to the master pack. Judging from the response I received from a representative of the support staff, this clearly is not the case. Rather than accept the amount of coins offered, I would rather support revert my account back to initiate status and give me a full refund for purchasing the disciple pack. I am so disgusted right now.

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