NOTICE:   - If you're going to say, "get a third party software...," do not bother to comment.  You don't put a band aid on a wound that requires stitches.  And stating such is BESIDE THE POINT. - It you're against having more bind-able options, there is something wrong with you, do not comment. - Do not bash this OP, it's a fair complaint.   Ok so now that the notice is out of the way.  I need a lot of support on this guys, and anything else you can add.  I bought an MMO mouse for the purpose of using it for (you guessed it) MMO's...   So what is going on, NCSoft??   How is it that in this day of age, in a non-targeting, action-based combat game, we somehow are not able to bind additional mouse buttons?  Even if it's just a Death Adder, not having the middle mouse button, or mouse button 4 and 5 bind-able is very... whats the term..  LAZY.   And for someone like me, who is left handed and has a left-handed mouse, I find comfort in the use of those extra mouse buttons, as to where I don't like using preferred keys on the keyboard.   So I ask you guys at NCSoft, if it's not too hard, include the addition of mouse binds to your bind-able list.  You'd be doing a lot of gamers a favor!   Link(s) of other people claiming this issue:       (^- Keybind issues are related to Gameguard.)       (^- This is also an issue.  Not everyone enjoys the double-tap.)         From Beta 1, even.. Hope is lost.       And another one.     Keep 'em coming players.