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Blade of the week series!


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So with the Early access in full swing and PVP already hitting the ground running, I want to start a series show casing some fantastic wins, some epic loses, and general sillyness in both the arena and world. Send me your videos of your best come backs 1v5 wins and I will choose the top 10 and showcase them on a new Youtube channel. What to include


Your Character name 

Class not necessary i would be able to see it


and a brief description of what I am about to watch.

Please do a little editing yourself and cut the bit out that you want me to see, if that isnt possible include a time stamp of the event so I may quickly edit it


So get your pvp on and lets see who gets to be top Blade for the week. First week will be general PVP show off your best pvp moment.


Send them to keyboardshinobi@gmail.com in the title put "Weekly Blade" will start edit over the weekends and should release videos on Mondays So submissions must be in my email by Friday night PST. 


Note: The top ten will be chosen based off my, and my RL friends opinions it will be 3 of us so not just one person will be making the choice.

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8 hours ago, Oroku said:

Yep, here is hoping people send them in, if not ill delay the first one while i surf the youtubes and get permission to use clips from there.

Good idea :D Ill work on some to send yah!

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