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Windows not genuine


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While I know for a fact that GameGuard is causing this, It's still a part of the game and I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

I've tested this on beta first and it's continuing to happen now 32bit desktop PC and 2 of the laptops are from beta testing.


Builds are multiple PCs of with different specs:

3x 64bit Laptop on Win7 (2 Home Premium, 1 Ultimate)

1x PC 32 Bit Win 7 Professional

1x PC 64 bit Win 10 Pro (So far only one that hasn't shown this behavior)


How to reproduce the problem:

1. Launch game (and keep it on).

2. Wait for windows automatic validity check (I don't know when they happen, but they do happen at least once / day).

3. Windows become "not genuine". (by the way at this point it cannot be reactivated and checking validity in Microsoft Website will say it's counterfeit).

4. Restart PC.

5. Check validity in Microsoft website.

6. It's active again.


My Conclusions:

1. Since I've seen experienced it with other games that used gameguard I believe it's caused by gameguard.

2. Windows reactivates without touching product keys AND it happens on 4 computers running different version of win 7, so I assume the issue is not with validity.

3. It doesn't affect Win 10 (or at least not yet), so there must be as compatibility issue with Win 7.


Since this game is listed as Win 7 Compatible (Win 7 is listed in requirements) , I think this issue need to be resolved...




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