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Any solution from NCSOFT/support regarding game crashing yet?


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Have anyone received any reply back from their support ticket regarding game crashing?


I have tried everything so far.

Reinstalling game client,

reinstalling graphic card

disable all programs from running except BnS

and i still crash when i get in game. I never been able to stay in game for longer than 10 min. 


Anyone got any support reply yet on how to fix this game crashing problem?

this head start is turning into such a nightmare and i even took days off to be home all day and not even getting any leveling done. I had no problems what so ever with old CBT client back in alph and beta 1-5.

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47 minutes ago, Lightan said:

I have disabled ALL including razor stuff. I disabled everything from running all anti virus. anything that's running.

I reinstalled the game.

i reinstalled graphic card driver.

I don't know what else i can try...



Did you also close out GameScannerService on your Task Manager - Processes?

That's actually part of Razer programs that likes to poke into your game files and GameGuard seems to hate it...

I closed that as well and I haven't crashed since then.

If that doesn't work also, then might be some other programs running in the back causing the crash.

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