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[Half Solved] Breakthrough Bug


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Hi Everyone,


my accessoires, earring and ring have a problem with the first breakthrough. I got all necessary items, including the unsealed breakthrough items, and the materials, but i cant use the unsealed items in the panel. It shows that i have 1 in inventory but i can't place it to do the breakthrough. There is a little lock at the item in the inventory, and no info why its locked.


Tried this also with a unsealed item and relogged but doesnt work also.


Am i doing smth. wrong or is this a bug?


EDIT: Im also lvl 21 and the breakthrough is the first (lvl 5 breakthrough, and a lvl 16 item)


SOLVING: After upgrading my weapon (lvl 10) the upgrade on all other items worked... dont know why. Solved for me by now.




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