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[Update Error] Cannot Download File


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7 minutes ago, Shaoro said:

Im having the same problem, I have the newest launcher too

I am using Windows 10. What about you?


10 minutes ago, 892430_1452550583 said:

Odd that's how many people have fixed that problem. Even my friend had the problem and it was fixed by installing the right client.

Is there any other methods? >.<"

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12 minutes ago, Kaicho201 said:

For those who still stuck

Rename game folder, uninstall launcher ,dl new installer , install new launcher, cancel dl replace folders bin & content , wait for dl 1.6 gb. Launch 

saves dl 20gb and 6 hours of time

Kaicho, what do you mean by dl new installer? How to get it? I am a little bit confuse, can you be a little more specific? Thanks in advanced. XD

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i mean from the main site Main Site, Download New installer 

Basically you need new Downloader

  1. start the download process
  2. Once it starts downloading cancel the download bit
  3. Replace the folders Bin & Content 
  4. Start the downloading process again from installer
  5. Go and talk walk with your dog if you dont have one then wait for it to download
  6. Go Play 
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