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Hongmoon Soup not applying Buffs


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Yes, the EXP bar says 220% buff with the dragon soup, but I do not get the additional xp from the soups are not applied. I wasted a lot of soups testing this, and would like a refund on the soups or NCoins. And these soups now cost 160 ncoins each! At least 480 NCoins were wasted.


The 10% HP soup buff you get from buying the starter packs is also not working. Sigh. So much money and soups wasted.

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I've tested this on update 10 and can confirm that you do get the buff (it may have worked before update 10, I didn't test it in earlier updates).


To verify this yourself, do the following:


- Do not apply the buff, but kill a monster first. Make note of the XP you got.

- Apply the buff. Hover your mouse over the green XP bar at the bottom of your screen. It should state something like "220% XP buff".

- Kill the same monster again (wait for respawn or find another nearby). Make note of the XP you got. It should be 2.2 times (220%) the XP you got before you applied the buff.


I'm not sure if the buff stacks though: That is, if you apply several one after another, do they replace each other or do the buff timer stack? For example: I apply buff, then wait 3 seconds, then apply another buff. Will my buff last 60 minutes (2 x 30 min)  or 30 minutes? Unfortunately, the XP bar doesn't say anything about the buff's remaining time.

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