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Founder Items Bug


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Since the Founder Items are only given out once... I am stuck on Mushin Server... I want to move to another server by deleting the character.. but since there is a bug that you only get the items one time. I am stuck in a stupid queue of 65 minutes. Someone Please fix this - to allow items on all toons on account!!!

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It isn't a bug that you only get it once. That is intended by NCSOFT. A community manager commented on this in another post.


2 hours ago, bug said:



Hello, thank you very much for getting back to me.


For those people who've already used their founder pack items, will they be able to get new ones if they change servers? Right now if you use your items on one character and delete it, the items will not show up again if you create a character on a different server.




You can mail the costumes to the character on your new server. Unfortunately, that only works for costumes.



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I don't know why they thought it was OK to do it like this and charge so much for the founder packs. So many other games have it so you can claim it account-wide and multiple times. Guess we're SOL for now. Hopefully NCSOFT listens... don't hold your breath

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