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Disconnected from server (.300)


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So i know some ppl already posted a thread like this but i couldnt find it.
So here is my issue : I start my game insert my pin, create a char then start "try" to start the game but 5 sec after it tells me : Disconnected from server. (300)
It happened around 20 times when i gave up so right now im really sad and kinda pissed if you guys have any solutions to my problem please feel free to post them im thankfull for any help i can get.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day

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This is funny for me! i wonder what they prepared in 2 weeks before launch? have tea all the time?

This is not their first time of launching a game! Their is a high risk here absolutely, but they choose ignore it or cant solve it?

This status will be automatic solved after 1 day, but ppl must wait. This is bad and not put customer in high respect :(

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