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Are server transfers even purchasable atm?


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If I wanted to transfer my character over to another server, would it be possible?? I would be willing to pay to do so eventually but this queue is ridiculous, I've already purchased stuff for my character, and I really would like to keep her.


I'm sure if we pester them enough it might be possible in the future but as of right now does anyone know if it's possible?

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No. A community manager by the name of Bronn posted:




Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide Character transfers in the near future. Thus, when choosing your server, please try to pick a different server than Mushin or Windrest, as these are the ones having the biggest queue times already.



Jan "Bronn" Sterl

German Community Manager


Twitter (persönlich): @jan_sterl - Twitter (offiziell): @bladeandsoul_DE

Facebook - Support - Verhaltensregeln

It will be a while before we see transfers


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