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Can't change forum Nickname

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I want report problem with setting Forum Nickname.

Few days ago, whenever I entered on Forum I could set my nickname, but I decided do this later so... today I decided do this, but... seems Forum did it by own already?!


I thought it is temporary setting and I can set it by own in profile, but when I pressing "Edit Profile" to change Displaying Name, I get such message:




I'm not allowed Edit my own Profile? Seriously?


Maybe only I have such problem, perhaps it can be general problem.

Whatever it is, I want You to fix it in near future.


Thanks and Regards.

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wrote twice "when I"^^
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5 hours ago, 846806_1452550169 said:

I tweeted at them, and Bethany responded saying that they were working on a solution


They were? Means they failed, and that's all?

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