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Show off your characters!!

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

3 hours ago, Fang Himura said:

Love the Enchanting Temptress so much! One of my all time favorite outfits. I was also very lucky and got the Enchanting Seductress as well. Love them a ton.


With this attitude and outfit I won't be able to play with u >///<

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5 minutes ago, Lynteresting said:

Meant the hair really, but her colors just seem....better idk...even with all my graphics on max i almost looks TOO detailed lol


Yeah I know what you mean, I have the same problem. I can't play on max graphics anyway so I gave up on that. But I want to make some nice screenshots...

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7 hours ago, Dowra said:

Because its the style they like.

Asking why they picked it is like asking "Why do people pick super long hair that wouldnt exist in reality."  Because who ever picked it found it appealing.


^^ Pretty much it actually.
I don't get the keyboard warrior tactics though. Further fortifiy this point by saying its the same reason I could ask why people play lyns or yuns that actually have features that are near non existent and even outright strange but I think I see why the person asked in the first place, had no idea they're female. 

And my point that flew over their head was that certain costumes make busts look bigger/smaller. Didnt know you weren't aware of this but you play a lyn so I guess you weren't after all.

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33 minutes ago, Lynteresting said:

Your black looks like...actually black...how do you get your colors like that? for some reason all my stuff is ultra shiny lol


It's because of the hairstyle. Some hairstyles don't have that ugly glossy thing.

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8 hours ago, TopKEK said:

They're not wrong though. It really does just boil down to "Because they wanted to". You can't get anymore specific than that. What other reasons they have, whether they want the biggest tiddies cuz they wanna oversexualize their characters or whatever just furthers the answer "Because they wanted to". It's not shutting it down, it's giving the literal answer that's universal to all. What other reasons people have behind why they made their characters will always lead to the answer "Because they wanted to" because... They wanted to. If they wanted to make the most ugliest characters in the game, its still them making the characters "Because they wanted to". 



If your curiosity functions on such a low level that "because" can be the answer to everything you wonder then that's fine, lmao. MANY times, people have much more interesting answers to things than "because I did". Literally anything in life can be answered with a "because" so I'm not sure why you're trying to justify that "that's a literal answer". Still sounds very gradeschool to me.

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