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Show off your characters!!

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Looking through this thread, I wonder how long we need to wait to get more clothing options.. the selection right now is very limited.


I spent a lot of time in the character creator, instead of playing, in beta. It reminds me a lot of Bodyslide for Skyrim.

So I thought I'd share the characters I am currently playing (on Wild Springs (EU)).





Force Master



Sword Master



Blade Dancerlynx.jpg





Kung Fu Master




I thought I'd share my favorite appearance settings as well, but there is just so many of them I have to sort through..

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

15 hours ago, Lienn said:


I wish we could check the build numbers after creation! Would love to clone her face! For some reason all my jins end with the face weird ; ; Now waiting the 7 days to delete my current jin and try again. ; ;

You can save your character's appearance in-game by going to ESC menu> photo gallery . appearance tab, and clicking at the bottom "save appearance, and "save" again on the preview window that comes up. 

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I like my Lyn more, but this is my bae.  I wanted her to be more of a petite, slightly built martial master, but it was my first character, so I got the height wrong.






And here's the cute, more girlish blade master that I'm not playing yet.






my more exotic supermodel force master:



my muscular but sexy Assassin:


my "warrior":


and another screen of my cute Lyn <3:


to reduce clutter, I only posted 1 pic of each, the rest of the shots are in my album


A few characters that I'd have liked to make if I had 100 character slots:
Shana-tan.....Shakugan no Shana.....Blade dancer
Alka(Aruka)...Blade and Soul........Assassin
Xianghua......Soul Calibur..........Blade master
Lei Fang......Dead or Alive.........Kung fu master

Ruby and Weiss..............Destroyer & Blade dancer???

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