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Show off your characters!!

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

This Kitsune outfit gives me life! And it looks lovely on my Gon FM <3 (I say Gon since everyone thinks I'm Jin race, but Jin can't be FM lul) =v=







The last 2 sitting pics might slightly look lower quality since i had to crop the background a bit to make it look a bit more zoomed in :)



That little tiny smile your character gives when it looks at the camera c: (the little things)



I'm a very smol Gon btw ^_^ let's just say im shorter than the avg size Jin female on character creation lmao





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Made a fire gunner a while ago on the EU server just to try it out. Already had a shadow gunner and wanted to see what the hype was about.







This one's my NA warden. Think I'll go lightning on this one. Not really a priority though.







And finally my EU warden. Doesn't really look like a greatsword user, but whatever. Frost build for this one.






Made characters on the EU servers because I ran out of slot on the NA ones. lol

Anyway, I think I posted my other characters way earlier on in this thread if you guys are interested.

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Been trying some different looks for my BD while playing through Act IX:








Loving that last one right now, especially in action (without the wheel though, clips too much with her tail):




But I'm sure I'll end up with my normal outfit once again eventually:




That Silver Dragon + Red Mask has been with her since the first month after launch, it's a classic to me at this point.

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