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Show off your characters!!

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

Well, now I wanna share some of my chars too :D 


My newly made Gon Female Force Master: 



My only guy in the team, Lyn Blade Dancer:
My lovely and ultra happy lyn Warlock:


My main, Lyn Summoner: 


My first and most beloved char, Yun Soul Fighter: 

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Yun BM on my KR account got new appearance about a month ago and it's almost the first time that I take proper pics of her.

I love how she turned and think her face structure is quite unique lol.

Here's some edited pics


Anything can happen in dark library






Midterms are over and let's get loose for a while



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Jin M KFM got new appearance about two months ago. Well I was too busy to take pics of him so I take pics today lol since I got some time now.

Pics are edited and it was quite a fun to edit blue colors. 



Using sparking brushes give dreamy vibe to pics.


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Since change to lyn and I'm still loving howl at the moon


I wish they had better ears/tail, none of them truly satisfied me. There's nothing more I hate than tall stick-like lyn, so I made her as body proportionate as I could.



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6 hours ago, Laoshottie said:

I like the light rays on this. I should do the same screen, light ray actually coming from shiny Gon booty   :^)   <3


Not even clothing can hide the best booty

Thanks Laoshottie :D. I think I spent an hour trying to get this specific pose. So hot. <3 /spank

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