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Show off your characters!!

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Gunner class should include Jin M cuz I'm WORKING ON IT NOW!! ;ㅅ:

Anyway WIP preset for new class. I just wish I can have more elegant long or shoulder-length hair for male chars.

Why NC make such a dumb haridos for male chars when they already made nice male tribes?

Do they want to joke around with male char users? Then I don't find that joke ANY FUN




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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

Still working around with Jin male presets. The hair sucks but surprisingly this one fits best with the image I wanted to give to him.

I just twicking around and doing that changed the face a bit in the way I like more than before.

Well maybe I'll fix something or not before the gunner class releases.



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Playing around with graphic option and trying interesting setting. This setting was quite a trend in KR server for a while.

Since I want to try that now even if I have tons of things to do and do something more task-related I just do this intead.

Now I feel like I'm some piece of trash for not studying but whatever.


Jin F WL. She didn't get changed much. Well she looks sorfter and kinder though lol.



Jin M preset I'm working on to give new appearance for my KFM in KR server. For comparison I put two pics togeter

Upper one's all-5 setting and Lower one's the setting I tried today. He looks younger in the pic.



But I saw that this setting worked well when I took scenery; First I took scene with the setting and then I used photoshop to meddle with the shot.

Does it looks like picture? Cuz I want it to look like that!


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