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Show off your characters!!


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I wanna show off my babies!

Here's my main Lyn named Song Sun!
He's a Shortie Blade Master and I love playing as him!

My Summoner Gang Jin with his kitty Kuodoberi!
They're quite the interesting duo~

My tall Tiger Lyn Ju-Long Hwang!
I did his make-up to make him as tiger like as possible, and he's the tallest Lyn he can be!

And Finally, Mei Hwang!
Ju-Long's sister!
And thats her Thall "Giggles"

Yeah I wont lie, I love Blade and Soul so much that I've gotten really immersed into the world and its lore and my Lyns are pretty much OCs to me.
I love em all!

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On 5/25/2016 at 10:07 AM, Edyis said:

looked up the awesomness of characters here and decided to show my forcemaster Edyis as well

she get blamed for her short hair and called boyish, but i love her appearance anyway




Yo, this didn't get any love, it's flippin AMAZING. It's real hard to make a tomboyish character, top notch work.


And so I actually contribute.






Not the best pictures, and still like, level 13. But this was my first character and I somehow NAILED IT. I didn't even save her customization.


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3 minutes ago, Squirrelzzzzz said:

Your clan uniform looks awesome! 

Thank you!  :)


We take pride that we don't have an iteration of the guerrilla outfit, haha. That one is used so much to the point that I don't like it as much anymore. 

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