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Show off your characters!!


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i gave my char a little change for summer. didn't change anything about the core body or face. only changed colours and added or removed tiny details according to the personal background i gave my character. like f.e. she had no eye-lashes (she burnt them as she was learning to control the fire. didn't always work out so well ^^), i gave her some fake eye-lashes. removed the blush, revealing her freckles. changed her died white hair back to her original hair (red). i'm so happy with the result, and so is she (smirking all day long now ;) ).




"Uuuh you want to play me? yay!"






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Merchant of Wonders has been really nice for Chai! Got Horns, Frisky Ears, Wind God, and the Necro Outfit. Plus plent of soul stones, moonstones, and stinger bundles! 


I got something in my eye...






Feeling powerful!



Got this drop yesterday!



Full on Warlock!



And say hello to Oneji! My new FM ready for the wave of SFs coming the 22nd! 



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My Force Master:

With Golden Deva. If only that spiky part on the left upper arm weren't there lol.






I don't have much of a fashion sense but from most of the non-payable outfits I like these two the best on her. The Stalker Jingashi is nice too, but has the hair clipping effect.

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On 6/10/2016 at 3:33 AM, TigerKFM said:

My character, as I've moved on to much greener pastures and a company that actually cares with one of the most immersive games I've played in 11 1/2 years.

Hidden Content


You would then appear to be on the wrong forum.  :p  Why even bother to log in here?

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