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Show off your characters!!

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  

9 hours ago, ProjectDeadlock said:

So jealous of the hair & outfit. Is that a clan outfit?
The black cat markings and your skin colour are so nice.
I'm pretty sure you qualify as a feline superbabe! ^-^

- Yuil, Angler's Watch

The outfit actually gives gon sharp claw like feet too :)


im a sucker for cat like adornments and i wish they would release something soon, like cat ear and tail adornments maybe =v= Thx for the compliments though ;3

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1 hour ago, GreenBunionSoup said:

I have a few characters I want to show off. Anyone wanna be kind enough to let me know how to upload a picture on here? Haven't posted any pictures on any forums since like 2009

Go on a site like Tinypic, upload your photo there, copy the direct link provided in your forum post and it should appear. :)

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My main summoner updated with Dreamcutter outfit and finally a weapon skin that matches her pink fluffy ears!


Got lucky recently in Frostscale Basin wheel and got the outfit :D



My warlock updated with his Temptation outfit! Feeling tempted? //punched




My FM which I should stop ignoring and quickly level up- red really suits her.




And my new Assassin! He is one cocky dude.



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Alright, first time uploading pics so let's see if it works.


Yun Forcemaster



My main, Kungfu Master






Gon Destroyer



And my favorite, Jin Blademaster. Pure White is a nice costume, but I'm not that into it. Only using it because I have nothing better for her. Was buying fabrics and high quality fabrics because I really wanted Fragrance of Life, and then now all of a sudden you can buy it at the achievement merchant. 





I'm not a huge fan of the baby face, anime looking characters so I kind of tried making them with a bit more human proportions. In regards to the face, at least. Doubt many are walking around with the body of my Gon

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