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Show off your characters!!

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On 3/3/2016 at 6:02 AM, Shaddark said:

Thats her working at Yehara's Mirage lel



She's my waifu <3



Kebab waitress ftw. LOL Are those miniature hams on the skewers? It's Bacon wrapped BACON, you guys.

10/10 would bacon.

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Yaaay it’s here!   Enjoying seeing people’s names just as much as the characters actually <3  





Bravo now there is a character! I'd definitely remember her after hours of grinding dungeons. How could one forget? lol Not even if I tried to burn it with fire! :P

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17 minutes ago, Karrynka said:

My Warlock:






Pretty happy with her so far (and the class is cool). I'm trying to adjust my Lyn Summoner's appearance, I'll post when she's done.


that's a great looking warlock good job 

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Here is my Warlock once again, I did make some nice changes on her. Hair, ears/tail & clothing. I actually love this new look of hers. If anyone is wanting a preset for a good looking warlock let me know i'll happily make one for you of any race/gender, I do enjoy taking my time in creating unique looking characters! IGN: Esvia - Server: Juwolhwmx4h.jpg33tl25l.jpg




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My one and only Lyn, Jersy! :)  Summoner didn't interest me and I prefer Jin over Lyn, but I love how she turned out!  Took quite a few trips to the creator and then finally an appearance change voucher :p

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Havent seen anyone else with this costume. Took me 2 days of non stop grinding in Naryu Lab. When I couldnt get a decent group I would solo up to the first boss. 2 fragments and 2 chances at the rare boss who drops 30. 133 boxes. I do not know if I am first on Mushin Server to have this one or not. However I am stoked as shit. Black Hole Sun for me =D 


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1 hour ago, Tabasco said:

Not enough African characters in this thread. That said: New Force Master! Counterpart to my bestie flower-power Kung Fu Master from a few pages ago! I designed the character specifically for the Deva costume lol. Fun stuff.











Bonus: Kung-Fu Master seal of approval:


Those are both some really well modeled faces, I never saw your KFM post til now but he's awesome.

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