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CuddleBaby's Art (Multi Streaming with Neoyoshi Senpai)


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This thread is for both showcasing and selling custom artwork.
please read everything as it will make it easier 
for both of us. c:

rsfsbl.jpg ☆ 2lmw64z.jpg 



Don't take artwork that isn't yours... 
~~~~It will be watermarked with my name and the buyers.
Payment expected after comfirmation
~~~~IF you don't trust  this method then we can work something  out.
If you don't pick up or pay after 3 days without notice I will scrap your character and useitfor someone  elses.
~~~~This might also result in a first warning for blacklist.
Please wait for confirmation before sending...
I only do half body and Fullbodies (like above) as bribes

Chibi's are priced below




Important notes~

Females(male lyns) > Male

Singles > Couples

No NSFW, Ecchi, super Gorey or really  crazy character designs.




Send payment/friend Request to Pawp on Poh Server  NorthAmerica

Drawing slot  -  0/-
Chibi slot -  0/-


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On 1/18/2016 at 1:12 AM, Sachi said:

Just wanted to say, your art looks nice! Too bad I'm not from poharan server :(


sorry for the late reply been busy at work the pass 3 days @_@ 

but i plan to do some free first  claim stuff in the future once the leveling hype  has died down 

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