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Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.

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Known Issues - February 7


  • True Heart’s aura effect disappears when switching zones. Re-equipping or re-logging the item will enable the aura again.
  • Entering an instance causes the Tooltip UI box to vertically decrease in size.
  • The Heart equipment slot is missing a mouse over tooltip.
  • Some items are not displaying within Character Info and the Marketplace when using the Portuguese client.
  • Taiwan Costume Design Contest outfits, Dragonfly and Starslayer, are missing their signature icons.


Known Issues - January 17


  • Characters are missing their facial animations when previewing colors in the Tailor Shop.
  • The free daily 15 Hongmoon Coin for Premium Membership is missing push notifications.
  • Marketplace displays incorrect sales fee discount for Premium Members.
  • Silver Saberfang Kitten outfit doesn't have a proper icon or item name when trying to sell in the Marketplace.
  • Character Info displays unintended Hongmoon Attack/Defense bonus effect.
  • Unable to upload character portrait in Character Info (F2).
  • New costumes are not localized for DE/FR/BR in Character Info (F2).
  • There's a formatting issue with an event quest for French and German.


Known Issues - December 6


  • Guardian Captain Shin Jiyul does not attack the player during Part 6 of Chapter 12.


  • Blade Master

    • Blade Master’s Five Point Strike Hongmoon Focus gain conditional is incorrect.

    • Blade Master’s Honed Slash does not give Hongmoon Focus on Dazed or Knocked Down target.

  • Destroyer

    • Destroyer’s Eradicate – Move 2 and Piledriver gives incorrect Hongmoon Focus.

  • Force Master

    • Glacier placement splat moves with the character after the skill has been used.

    • The Sacred Flames icon disappears when a target is not selected which is inconsistent with other classes.

  • Kung Fu Master

    • Aftershock slows enemies by 30% instead of 50%.

    • Eight Talons is hitting more than 5 times.

  • Soul Fighter

    • Soul Fighter’s Breaking Claw displays incorrect skill icon on skill requirement tooltip.

  • Warlock

    • Necrotic Chains is suppressing the target twice instead of three times.

  • Gunslinger

    • Gunslinger’s Crosshairs skill gains incorrect Hongmoon Focus.

    • Gunslinger’s Divebomb does not give Hongmoon Focus on Tracked target.

    • (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Bullet Storm skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus.

    • (Shadow) Gunslinger’s Unload skill does not gain additional Hongmoon Focus.



Addressed - December 13

  • The Login Rewards are showing as unavailable.
  • Players may not be able to receive mail in-game because their name contains a word, which is blocked.
  • The highlight for salvaging costumes is off center.



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