Known Issues - October 18

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Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.

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Known Issues - October 18

  • New - Radiant Energy is a required material for crafting Diamonds.
  • Riftwalk Stages 1 and 2 are incorrectly displaying the critical damage bonus at 22% instead of the actual 20% bonus.
  • Some NPCs are using incorrect voice lines.
  • (pt-BR Only) The search function does not work in Character Info (F2)




Addressed - October 18

  • The Gunslinger Class weapon cannot be obtained when opening Locked Profane Weapon Chest with a normal key (green).


Addressed - September 20

  • Players that previously participated in Tower of Memory are receiving Coin of Memory instead of Memory Bells from the Not-So-Fond-Memories quest.
  • Killing monsters is currently not granting experience points.
  • Items received via mail are currently taking longer to appear than usual.
  • Some boss stats and levels are a higher level than intended.
  • Remote completing quests currently as an associated fee. 
  • Class Icons do not display properly in Character Info (F2).
  • Friends are currently not showing on some player's friends list.
  • (pt-BR Only) Chave da Colecao de Tesouru Antigo is named incorrectly and should not have "Antigo" in the name.


Addressed - August 23


      Soul Fighter

  • Soul Fighter's Divine Dragon Bracelet is not providing a damage bonus to Frost Storm.


  • Summoner is missing animations for Thorn Strike.


  • Warlock is missing animations for Dragoncall.

      User Interface

  • Profile pictures within Character Info (F2) work intermittently and may cause the client to freeze temporarily.


Addressed - August 16

  • Character Info does not display all equipment after equipping certain outfits.
    • Summer Saga
    • Beach Day



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