Known Issues - May 9

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Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.

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Known Issues - May 9

  • Assassin
    • Limitless Soul Badge tooltip mentions “Divine Tree Effect” instead of “Sapling Effect”
  • Blade Master: 
    • Honed Slash Damage is not properly increased during Flock of Blades
    • Flicker (Move 2) does not display correctly on the Simplified Combat Controls UI.
    • Subjugator Bracelet – Stage 9 displays incorrect values for Honed Slash and Dragontongue.
  • Force Master
    • Flame abilities sometimes do not cast correctly when using Simplified Combat Controls.
  • Kung Fu Master
    • Iron Shoulder cannot be used after a successful Counter against Blade Master Breeze, Gale, or Storm.
  • Soul Fighter
    • Self Defense Chi (Move 2) still appears in the UI.
    • (FR/DE/BP) Tooltip for Divine Dragon Bracelet does not show bonus to Ice Helix (text issue only)
  • (BP Only) Sparkling Hongmoon XP Charm is not named correctly.
  • (EN/BP) Nightfall Sanctuary is not listed in tooltips for Raid Potions (text issue only)

  • Some maps are displaying Korean text.



Known Issues - April 23

  • Identified an issue where each quest tracked causes a decrease in game performance.
    • A fix is scheduled to take place in the following update after Eternal Night. A temporary solution is to disable "Automatically Track Quests" found within Settings > Interface and uncheck your tracked quests within the Quest Journal (J).


Known Issues - February 7

  • [Unable to Fix] True Heart’s aura effect disappears when switching zones. Re-equipping or re-logging the item will enable the aura again.


Known Issues - January 17

  • If Login Rewards are claimed between 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM server time, the next Login Rewards cannot be claimed.



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