Known Issues - August 16

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Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.


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Known Issues - August 16


      Soul Fighter

  • Soul Fighter's Divine Dragon Bracelet is not providing a damage bonus to Frost Storm.


  • Summoner is missing animations for Thorn Strike.


  • Warlock is missing animations for Dragoncall.

User Interface

  • Profile pictures within Character Info (F2) work intermittently and may cause the client to freeze temporarily.





Addressed - August 16

  • Character Info does not display all equipment after equipping certain outfits.
    • Summer Saga
    • Beach Day


Addressed - July 27

  • Fixed an issue where F1 Banners did not display correctly on European servers.
  • Fixed an issue where Ruby Cooler was incorrectly named Black Raspberry Cocktail.
  • Fixed an issue where Daily Challenge Reward chests were named incorrectly.


Addressed - July 19

  • Celestial Basin quest reset requires 30g instead of 10g.


Addressed - July 7

  • Incorrect gems are being rewarded in Act 7: Chapter 1, 5 and 10.
    • The correct gems will be distributed to all affected characters on July 7.


Addressed - July 5


  • Soulstone Plains Capture phase has been unintentionally increased.
  • Some items sold by Achievement Merchant NPC Kiyeon in Zaiwei cost Valor Stones.
  • Chat history is lost when moving between the world server and cross server.
  • Black Sun, White Moon, Thunder God, and Wind God are using the incorrect models for female characters.
  • Forgekeeper Illusion Weapons cannot be searched for on the Marketplace.


  • Raven King mechanics in Skybreak Spire were changed unintentionally.


  • Chapter 1: The Dreams of Jinsoyun quest is available with broken text.





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