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Shift Key/Function

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Was wondering if you all plan on making the sprint function a key that can be bound to a key like pretty much every other key?  I played the last beta just to level 10 and noticed that I couldn't find a way to bind sprint to something other then the default "shift" key or double tap directional keys.  Double tap just isn't an option for me, just feels clunky and shift is awkward for my style of play.

I'm sure this won't bother just any random casual player, but It's kind of a big deal for me seeing that I'm a pretty hardcore pvper.  I know it might not be a key that I use a lot, considering I won't run much, but I have to be able to effectively chase down and kill noobs using double tap, especially in the open world.

Please don't make me pick between the awkwardness of shift and the unresponsiveness of double tap. Make it a key that can be bound to whatever you want. Geeeez, this is 2016, common people! :P


Plus, I'm sure I'm not the ONLY person that feels this give us option, can't be THAT hard to do this I'm sure.



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