looking for experience players to grind and chill

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Hi, bro/sis


I'm AyaToujou from Iksanun the most death populate server during CBT. I been waiting for play this game for 5 years ever since it announced the trailer. I have a little bit  of experience with BnS story lines, quests, items build blah blah. I been playing for 3 months reach level cap on my BM and FM. I also owned master pack so I will be playing on head start as soon as the server open Jan.15 10a.m PDT/6pmUDT ( no life *sob*). I'm looking to form a team regard of class and experience. We will be one of first group  reach level cap before Jan.19 ( official release). It gives us huge advantage time,money, sell item for newbie.....$$$$$$$ and levels.

I'm planning on playing at "Poharan","Yehara" and "Soha" haven't decided yet, but I choose the server by it awesome name + in game NPC sexiness!!!


Anyone who had experience with BnS are welcome to join me and rush/skip the story lines+ quest, know the way to grind levels items etc.... leave your char name, server , class and most important FACTION below then we call a vote on which server we want to play. 


Name: AyaToujou

Server: Soha or Yehara

Class: KFM,BM,FM, Destroyer idk :D

Faction: Red or Blue idc you can change later





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Name: Not sure yet but will tell when I created it
Server: Mushin
Class: Summoner 
Faction Red


I'new :X
Let me know!

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IGN:(Not sure yet till the 11th)

Server: Poharan 

Class: Sum/Destroyer/FM not sure as of yet 

Faction: im honestly cool with whatever


I have played in the Chinese version and the CBT for awhile now and would love to have someone to lvl with this weekend if your interested. :D  

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