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Phoenix Shi

More typos, and related

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  1. Usually when speaking to NPCs during quests the button with how you respond will have what you actually say on it, in some cases though it is written such as "Say to keep your hands off," or "Ask why I should care." This comes off as odd when most times those would have been written "Keep your hands off!" and "Why should I care?" The responses during the side quest "School of Martial Arts Sparring," and story quest "Act II, Chapter 29: Shadows of the Past" when speaking to Jong Richu are two example of this, but there are others where your response would start with something like "say," "ask," or "tell."
  2. When taking the side quest "Old Soldier, Bold Soldiers" Lei Janshi says "chargesaround" without a space between "charges," and "around."
  3. In story quest "Act II, Chapter 30: The Traiter Returns" Soha's name is written "Soa" in at least the quest tracker.
  4. During the side quest "Gone to Pot" when you go to talk to Lee Bokdol the chat bubble above his head when you approach him says "Mom, Dad... Boksoon!" seems like it may be wrong.
  5. When taking the daily quest "Dokgo Breaking my Heart" (at least the first time) Dokgo says "It comes with job, I guess." There should be a "the" in there so it reads  "It comes with *the* job, I guess."
  6. During the side quest "Cry Hard" the wounded soldier says "The called me names and..." That "the" should be "they."



On a vaguely related note, the e-mail you get with the authorization code for your current IP address says the code is valid for 30 minutes. The game launcher though will inform you that codes are only valid for 10 minutes should you take longer then 10 minutes to input the code.

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