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Just wanted to point this out as it is really similar to the in game lag issue.

Sometimes i can be browsing the B&S forums just fine then when i go to check on a topic or to a different forum section it just fails to load up. It's like my computer lost connection to the B&S site. Even happens when i log in. You can watch your address bar as it cycles through logging in to all the NC sites, Lineage, etc... and then when it hits B&S it just flat out stops and does not progress forward. When this happened last time I opened up a new tab and checked my ISP speed just to make sure it was not on my end and it was showing 35mbps+ DL and 4mbps+ upload so i do not believe it is something on my end.

Now this could be due to them changing some software or a maint on something in the system but it is reminding me of the CBT5 in game lag/non-responsiveness and makes me really leery of future stability. Now i know not all people had the stability issue, but enough did for this to cause some concern. And I did not have this issue for CBT3 or CBT4 it just started in CBT5. So to NCSoft just a heads up. Something changed in this last CBT that is still causing issues for me to connect to you servers even post CBT5. Please look into what was changed so we may figure this issue out.

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